Non EU Customers & VAT Deduction.

Tax free shopping

Our tax-free shopping service allows customers from outside the European Union (EU) to claim back the Value Added Tax (VAT) on purchases from LUXACE.COM 

Who can buy tax-free?

Overseas buyers whose domicile or habitual residence is outside the European Union and UK residents who send goods to friends and family living outside the EU(Addressee must be outside EU Zone)

What do I save?

Non-EU customers may reclaim (instant) the Value Added Tax (VAT) included in the purchase price, less an administrative charge.

Does VAT apply to all goods?

An instant VAT deduction will be given on all merchandise except food which is VAT-free, and therefore not eligible. 

What restrictions are there?

No minimum spend.

How do I claim my refund?

Having completed your shopping, add all items to your cart. Once you are ready to check-out register for a account then input your address and it is confirmed. Once the system recognizes the address outside EU it will automatically deduct the 20% VAT so you will only be charged for the item excluding VAT and any shipping charges. 

How is my refund paid?

It is automatically deducted so no need to fill any forms or paperwork, making it quick and easy.

Security check

With new customers you may be asked to provide additional information, as part of our company policy, we regularly carry out security checks on orders to protect both our customers and our business. All information given to us is kept strictly confidential and will be disposed of once your order has been dispatched in line with data protection procedures.